How The Third Estimate is Breaking the Stigma

Our CEO, Tara Colopy, empowers women in the workplace. She believes in fueling diversity to lead to more opportunities for unique creativity in residential roofing, commercial roofing, siding, windows, and gutter systems. Her passion is clearly seen throughout our organization.

Why you should care

The Third Estimate unlocks our employees’ highest potential. It brings their talents to life with our company vision – to guide local homeowners in the best direction for their specific exterior home improvement needs and wants.

Tara Colopy empowers women

Cleveland Magazine highlighted Tara and five other women entrepreneurs whose passions include enhancing the quality of life for those in our community. Tara understands the importance of quality, which is produced at home and in the workplace. Likewise, the Third Estimate understands the struggle of juggling work and personal life. So, our organization as a whole strives to create a healthy work-life balance for employees.

Because we focus more on the employee, we can increase productivity, provide more innovation and make better decisions. In addition, we have a supportive network in place. Now, both men and women can make connections and mentors to help along their career paths.

The management team

The Third Estimate inspires all types of workers but is most proud of its current leadership staff. There is social and personal identification amongst members while achieving our organization’s mission and goals. The team has created an apparent positive influence on our organization and employees’ success.

Ninety percent of the staff is female managed. Tara’s leadership has transformed the industry by turning that old-school view into something new and inviting for all audiences. She believes in the power and the possibility of establishing women leaders in the industry.

women leadership

Our company focuses on acquiring the most qualified people. And in this case, it is a lot of women in an industry that used to be primarily dominated by men. So, as a result, we have less gender discrimination in recruitment, promotion, and retention.

As mothers and caregivers, there is genuine passion, enthusiasm and capability to take command of a situation. Our leadership team can make bold and wise decisions that promote a team environment and are less authoritative. There is a family-like feel and more cooperation at The Third Estimate.

With 90 percent of global companies having at least one woman in senior management in 2021, it is no wonder women are making a move in male-dominated trades. The Third Estimate is proud that it will help to move the needle on touching all audiences and creating all types of work environments in organizations.

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