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Do you have drafty windows?

Get your NEW, Energy-Efficient Windows from The Third Estimate!

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Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck! Not all windows are built the same.

Did you know that after about 15-20 years, the seal on your windows will break down? This allows, depending on the season, hot or cold air to seep into your house. This can cause a spike in your energy bill, because you are fighting the outside temperature that is seeping into your house while trying to keep your in-home temperature consistent. By replacing your windows, you can reseal them and make sure the surrounding area is properly insulated.

Our specialty windows meet the high standards of the NFRC and EnergyStar. We choose to use these windows because we are more concerned with quality, longevity and energy efficiency, rather than explaining why a sub-par product failed in a few short years. Our custom windows are of higher quality, have greater longevity, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Call The Third Estimate to help keep your energy bill down this season!

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What to Expect when we give Your Estimate?

  • Measure ALL of your windows
  • Show you samples from many manufacturers. So, you can be knowledgeable about the products that meet your family’s needs and budget without wasting your time.
  • Our written estimate will be accurate and valid for up to one year!
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Windows are an investment in your home

Higher-performing windows pay for themselves after purchase and can cut monthly heating and cooling costs by 25-40%. Replacing old windows helps you save on your energy bill with the proper insulation.

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There are hundreds of frame and glass options for you to mix and match. Shop around, but don’t be fooled. Insulated glass does not mean it is coated with LoE or includes Argon Gas. Be informed! Unless it stated, they are not there!

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