commercial roofing

It Starts with a FREE INSPECTION!

When you call us, we will provide a complimentary evaluation of your roof with dimensions and photos of the current conditions. If you have a current leak and it can be fixed with sealant, we will attempt to fix it during the inspection at no charge.

We will provide a written maintenance plan to extend the life of your current roof and give you an estimate to reroof for the future. We also offer unsecured bank financing and in-house payment plans.

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  • Fluid-Applied Roofing
  • EPDM Roofing
  • TPO Roofing
  • Tear-Offs
  • New Construction

Why Choose Fluid Applied Roofing?

It all comes down to money!

No company wants to spend money on its roof. Roof maintenance and repairs are the costs of business that are not always planned, and if ignored, can be an unexpected expense that can greatly affect the bottom line

Semi-Annual Maintenance Programs

With The Third Estimate’s liquid-applied roof coating and semiannual maintenance programs, you can maintain and increase your current roof’s lifespan, help reduce unnecessary roofing repairs, and decrease downtime and damage from a leak, all while reducing energy costs.

Factors that Can Affect Your Bottom Line

  • No tear-off of existing materials
  • No moving of the mechanicals on your roof
  • No building shutdown or disruptions while work is occurring
  • Installed in 1/3 the time of traditional flat roofing materials
  • Qualifies for energy incentives
  • Can be taxed as maintenance or a capital investment. Reduces cooling costs and maintenance
  • Solar reflectivity — cool white — can be 80 degrees cooler on a summer day
  • Reduces building lifecycle costs
  • Lower initial investments than a tear-off