insurance inspections


1. It Starts with a FREE INSPECTION

We know your schedule is busy. We work with you to find a convenient time to have your home exterior inspected by our efficient and low-pressure experts. After listening to your concerns, we begin our thorough inspection, including a 21-point roof inspection. Any findings will be documented with photos and shared with you, along with options for filing a claim.


If filing a claim through your insurance is in your best interest, we are happy to become your advocate. Signing a work authorization allows us to speak to your insurance company with you, and on your behalf, throughout the claim process. We work for you every step of the way toward full coverage replacement.

3. The adjustment process

We make sure we are on-site to meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure nothing is missed on their inspection. Our presence guarantees a trained construction professional has gone over the importance of every finding and why it needs to be replaced. What makes us different, is along with your estimator, we have a dedicated team of insurance specialists who take being your advocate seriously.

4. PROJEct funds

Once full coverage has been extended, it’s time for the fun part! We discuss materials and colors that best suit your budget and style along with obtaining all necessary building permits before work begins. The only out-of-pocket expenses you can expect are your deductible, upgraded products, and any bad wood needing replaced during installation. Financing options are available to assist with these costs.

5. installation

The Third Estimate’s Project Management Team takes care of you and your home through every step of the install. We maintain constant contact, keeping you up to date so no aspect of your project is a surprise, and bringing your vision to life by the end.

Pre-Install Checklist

Schedule a Project Start Date:

A member of our Project Management Team will reach out once we know the estimated arrival date of your materials. Weather and manufacturer delays may affect this date, but we do our best to work with your schedule to ensure a timely renovation.

Prepare Your Home:

Keep in Mind your home is going to be a construction site. We do our best to avoid landscaping and decorations, but anything you’re able to move or cover will also help avoid damage.

POST-Install Checklist

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Once the installation and cleanup are complete, our Project Management Team will reach out to ensure everything went smoothly and you are satisfied with the work completed.

Project Walkthrough:

At this time, we will schedule an in-person meeting to do a full walk around your home discussing the project, and taking final photos. We will also have you sign a Certificate of Completion. This will be sent with our final invoice to your insurance for release of the final payment.

Claim Closeout:

We’ll work with you to close out your claim properly. Keep an eye on the mail for a gift and your purchase warranties!

Reviews and Referrals:

Let others know how we did by leaving us a review on Google or social media + get $200 cash for each project you refer once completed and paid in full!


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