How to Pick from the Different Colors of Roof

You can boost curb appeal by just choosing the right color of roof for your house. It is a big decision, with many options besides brown and grey. So, don’t feel limited by your current roof color. A new roof is a significant investment, and you should pick the color that fits your personality and home’s overall feel.

Define your home’s style

If you think about it, your home’s roof takes up almost 50 percent of your overall exterior. That is a large amount of house not to take seriously. And with the various colors and styles available on the market, you should consider what goes best with your home.

different colors of roof
A look at the different colors of roof available.

Look at versatile shingles and color pairings to see if you are a more classic or trendy homeowner. The combinations are endless. So, taking the time to discover your preferred architectural aesthetic will help you to make a statement in the neighborhood.

Explore the unexpected

Playing it safe is boring. This is the time to improve the value of your home with a completely new makeover. Exploring those bold and high-contrast options can give your home some dimension. That perfect roofing shingle color can even come from a designer shingle brand.

Communicate your style and what you want the home to convey to visitors with your residential roofing company. First, review those preliminary colors with your exterior roofing design center; and then ask for samples to see them in natural light.

Another factor you may want to consider is what’s suitable for your location. Darker colors absorb more heat, while lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays. Warmer roofs are ideal for snowy areas since the snow will slide right off. Cooler roofs will help homeowners in warmer climates save on those utility bills. This is why it is essential to work with a trustworthy company that truly knows what goes into a quality home exterior.

Evaluate the investment

Breaking down the benefits of the color and material you chose will help you compare the price with the expected return. The health of your roof is one of the most significant factors in evaluating the overall value of your home. If you end up reselling, a new roof can make it more likely to get the total asking price, lower time on the market and smoother negotiations.

The Third Estimate has a trained eye for picking from the different colors of roof on the market. We work with you to find a roofing shingle color that best fits your sought-after aesthetic. In addition, we will help you ensure the roof stays consistent with specific materials in your home. Contact us for more information on how to choose from the different colors of roof.

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