How Do I Get My Exterior Ready for the Summer?

When the season changes from cold to warm, it is important to get your house ready for the summer. The warm weather attracts animals and insects that can prove to be damaging to your home.

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In locations prone to weather conditions, such as rain, hail and wind, it is likely that damage can be caused in all seasons, including summer. To prepare for the season, homeowners should repair their roof, windows, siding and gutters of their homes to ensure a safe and stable environment.

Roofing and gutters

When branches and leaves accumulate on the top of houses and inside gutters, it is a good idea to fix any broken shingles on top of the roof, clean up any sticks and leaves on top of the house and clean out the gutters. Damaged shingles can cause leaks inside the house: and in severe cases, shingles can be blown off the roof.

Cleaning sticks and leaves off the roof is necessary because it stops future damage that could be done to the roof. Additionally, branches and leaves left on top of the roof can attract bugs and insects because of standing moisture on the material. This can easily lead to pest infestations inside the house.

Another crucial element in preparing a house for the summer is cleaning out the gutters. Blockage in the gutters can cause an overflow of water and debris when it rains, which results in decomposition and rotting.

Windows and window screens

Windows are essential to fix before the summer season because broken windows or torn window screens can lead to bugs and insects inside the house. Not only do windows prevent insects from entering the home, but they also stop dangerous weather conditions from affecting the interior of the house.

Windows play a huge role in regulating the temperature of the house. When a window is broken, the insulation of the house becomes compromised. Fixing torn window screens is essential because they prevent insects and debris from entering the house when the window is open.


Moisture that is stuck between the siding of a house can cause extensive damage to the sides and foundation of your home. If you notice any cracked or missing siding panels, it is important to replace the material as soon as possible to stop moisture from damaging your home.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to repair and replace damaged siding because siding is a huge reason for a home staying insulated. When the siding is broken, the house becomes less insulated and less energy efficient.

In conclusion, it is important to check and clean your gutters, shingles, windows and siding to prevent damage to a home and keep it looking nice. Furthermore, checking around the exterior of the house after extreme weather conditions, such as wind, hail and rain, makes it easier for homeowners to see when the damage occurred. This gives homeowners optimal time to fix or replace the damaged materials.

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