The Third Estimate Celebrates Women in Leadership

March is the time for celebration. Think about it. Women were given the right to vote only a hundred years ago. The Third Estimate wants to take this time to celebrate all they have done. Women have fought to own property, work fair hours and compete in various Olympic sports.

Without Women’s History Month, who would educate the new generation on the triumphs women should celebrate? This blog post honors and celebrates women for their hard work and dedication to the industry.

Women in leadership at The Third Estimate

In a world and an industry primarily dominated by men, it can feel intimidating for women to seek leadership positions. The Third Estimate honors mothers, caregivers, daughters and women who have sacrificed and contributed to the industry.

women in leadership

Unfortunately, women in leadership is still something to battle for some. But the women in leadership at The Third Estimate are to be celebrated. Ninety percent of the staff is female-managed. The CEO, Tara Colopy, empowers women in the workplace and is proud of this percentage.

What society needs to remember

Women are seldom placed in male-dominated industries’ leadership positions, but what these industries need to factor in is all the diversity women bring to the workforce. After all, the main distinction between men and women in leadership roles is that women foster environments in which many people can begin to create and lead their circle of influence. Women develop individuals to lead within their circle by encouraging, promoting, communicating and celebrating victories along the way.

For future female leaders, the best culture to build in an organization is one where a vision is established and communicated. The culture should cultivate an environment where people are comfortable stepping forward and helping advance the vision, whether in small or big ways. This is why The Third Estimate believes it is important for all people to be able to contribute.

Women should also establish a healthy work-life balance while still making impactful changes most efficiently. Tara focuses on her employees, which results in higher productivity, more innovation and better decision-making. This is why The Third Estimate is proud of the women in leadership. Their influence has truly impacted the growth and comradery within the workplace.

This blog post gives the women of the past, who have dedicated their work to breaking gender barriers, a big shout-out. Their work allows the women of today to break the stigma, becoming active and inspiring leaders within their organizations.

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