James Hardie Board

An option for your home that you may’ve never considered before!

This AMAZING Non-Profit Organization has built over 200 homes and has housed more than 300 adults and 500 children.

james hardie board

James Hardie Board, also known as Hardie Board, is made up of fiber cement and is one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market. With its specific material makeup, Hardie board siding can withstand almost ANY weather condition while remaining completely waterproof, fire-resistant, and also pest/insect resistant. That’s pretty amazing!

Because fiber cement doesn’t buckle, warp, rot, or expand & contract-You can expect your Hardie Board siding to stand the test of time! If cared for properly, you can expect 50 years out of your home’s siding!

Although we only service the Northeast Ohio area, we find it pretty awesome that James Hardie offers something called, HardieZone. All you have to do is type in your zip code and you will be given results as to which exact product would be best for your specific climate! Whether you’re in Texas with HOT summers or in Ohio with very cold winters-This siding is built to handle the most extreme temps!

If you needed more of a reason to choose Hardie Board for your home, the variety of options and lasting color should sell you! Any look you aspire your home to have, Hardie Board has you covered! Offering a wide variety of vertical and horizontal paneling, smooth and rough textures, shingles & stucco – You can expect whichever style you choose, to have long-lasting color! With ColorPlus technology, you can expect every piece to have baked on paint to resist fading from the sun’s UV rays.

Take a peek at the gallery! We think you’ll like what you see….

james hardie board siding
james hardie board siding