9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Faux Stone for Your Home… and How it can Save Your Budget!

Thinking about adding a little pizzazz to your home’s exterior? Well who hasn’t?!

We have just the perfect thing to consider when it comes to making your neighbors envious when they pass by. Replacing your siding is a big project, and because of that, you want to ensure it’s done correctly, and it looks good. We take transforming the outside of your home very seriously, it’s what people see first! There are countless benefits to replacing your siding, things like increasing curb appeal, repairing any structural damage that you may not be able to see, and it can increase energy efficiency. Getting on with our point, although regular siding can look nice, it tends to lack personality…

faux stone siding

Here we give you the 9 reasons why you should consider adding faux stone to your home:

  1. It’s a budget friendly alternative to natural stone, all the while looking like the real thing
  2. Faux stone has the ability to be cut to size and be shaped to meet whatever your design needs may be. It is also conveniently durable & light weight, which comes to be a huge advantage because natural stone is very heavy, and it can cause damage to the foundation of your home
  3. The panels of the faux stone are indeed cast from actual rock patterns, making it look very realistic
  4. Compared to the real thing, faux stone is much cheaper & a lot easier to install
  5. Faux stone is composed of polyurethane, which offers exceptional insulation
  6. The R-value helps prevent your home from losing heat in the winter months, and keeps the cool air from escaping during the warmer months. This can help save you a few extra dollars when it comes to your heating & cooling bills
  7. As we stated above, the panels are made up of high-density polyurethane, so not only does it help with heating and cooling, the panels are also impact resistant. This is a huge plus living in Ohio because of the hail and wind storms we get, but you can be eased knowing that your home will be protected by your investment.
  8. If you’re a “Go Green” type of person, this siding is just for you. The materials used to create the faux stone can be recycled & reused over time!
  9. Lastly, faux stone requires hardly any, if any, maintenance at all. It is fairly resistant to things like mold, mildew, moisture, and most environmental conditions. Because it is so easy to clean and maintain, it’s super simple to use a regular garden hose to take away anything that could cause harm.

Are you convinced yet? If by chance you’re not, below we have absolutely stunning photos that may help change your mind. If you have any questions regarding faux stone, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to improving the curb appeal of your home!

faux stone siding
faux stone siding
faux stone siding