Roof Maintenance

Roof replacement and repairs can be expensive. Regular maintenance can save you money.

As a homeowner, you have a responsibility to maintain your roof. Roof replacements and roof repairs can be costly. Regular roof maintenance will provide you the opportunity to save expense and keep your family and possessions dry and safe. Here are some of the most common roof maintenance steps that you should take. Following these steps will keep your roof looking its best and enhance its lifespan.​

  • Do a visual inspection twice per year

You will need to do visual inspections of your roof at least two times each year. This will help you to identify problems with your roof before they turn into catastrophic nightmares. For example, you should look for exposed or missing fasteners, broken or sagging gutters, piles of granules, loose or buckling flashing, damaged grip edges, and missing or lifting shingles.

  • Clean gutters regularly

It is important to set aside time regularly to clean the gutters. This may not be something that you can (or desire to) do on your own. If you need assistance, you should seek the assistance of a gutter cleaning specialist. Consider gutter cleaning before a major storm. When gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris, there is a possibility for water to back up and create problems.​

  • Trim all trees around your roof

If there are trees around your roof, you should consider trimming them. That’s because the next storm might cause branches of that tree to crash onto your roof. Don’t take that risk! Get a professional to trim those trees. The cost of trimming branches of a tree is much lower when compared to the cost of replacing your roof.

  • ​Look for algae and moss

You will also need to regularly check for signs of algae and moss on your roof. Don’t allow a favorable environment for the growth of algae and moss to exist. Be sure to keep the attic properly ventilated and remove debris on the roof. You’ll also want to trim any overhanging branches as well.

  • ​Re-caulk if needed

If you notice gaps around flashings, you should re-caulk. If water is able to get between the flashings and your chimney or other gaps where calking has deteriorated, you may develop leaks which can cause all sorts of damage to your home. Get in touch with us for a free estimate on re-caulking.​

  • Take a look at the insulation

During the roof maintenance process, you will also need to take a look at the insulation. Proper ventilation and insulation will go a long way toward helping your roof to remain in tip top condition. For example, correct ventilation and insulation will inhibit the formation of ice dams and can reduce moisture levels.​

Final words

Following these roof maintenance tips is easy and anyone can do it. You just need to adhere to them to keep your roof in top condition.

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