your roof

Your roof is constantly standing guard to protect your family, your business, and your valuable possessions.

The roof of your home or business is the “cover” of the structure. It is the thing that protects the occupants from the elements. It provides a barrier from cold, wind, and rain… and even excess sunshine.

Although you could probably break this down in several different ways, for purposes of this article your roof serves basically two functions:

  1. Protect people and their valued possessions from the elements, and as a barrier to thieves;
  2. Provide an insulating barrier that keeps in heat in cold weather, or alternatively, retains cool air during hot, humid weather.

There are many different types of roofing and many components associated with a roof which we will explore in the following articles. Suffice it to say that your roof provides protection in many different ways. You need a roof to protect you from the elements, but you also need a roof to protect the contents of your home or business from the weather and also to secure you and your things against thieves.

In addition to protecting you and the contents of your structure, the roof protects the structure itself. The walls, floor, and other, interior components such as doors and windows are all protected by your roof and its associated systems.

Basically, your roof acts as an umbrella over the entire structure. It is your home’s shield, receiving and deflecting all of the harmful elements that would otherwise harm you or damage or destroy your possessions. Therefore, your roof must be engineered to be very strong and durable. It must be able to withstand all of these exterior elements and must last a long time. After all, you don’t want to be replacing your roof every year!

A homeowner or business owner doesn’t want constant leaks which can lead to dangerous mold that can be a health issue and lower the value of your real estate. You want to ensure that your investment is secure.

In order to get ahead of any major problems that can cause severe damage and costly repairs, a roof should be inspected multiple times throughout the year, and especially after a major storm.

Wind can damage or even tear shingles from the home, allowing rainwater to penetrate the structure under the shingles (or other materials) causing rot and destroying the underlying wood of the structure.

There are several components and considerations for roofing systems. One must provide adequate insulation and ventilation to the roof. There must also be proper drainage, usually in the form of a gutter system, to direct the water that continually pounds your roof’s surface. The roof must be properly secured to the home. In places that are prone to hurricanes and other high wind elements, “hurricane straps” might be used to give added strength to the structural integrity of the roof. We will address thes issues specifically in subsequent articles.

Your roof is always standing as your silent guard against the outside elements, protecting you, your family, and your treasured possessions. You must also be vigilant to ensure that your roof remains in good repair so it can continue performing its job for you.

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