The Third Estimate New Headquarters

It’s official! We are proud to announce that our team has moved to a beautiful new building in Solon. The last six years in Twinsburg were very fruitful, but we outgrew that office. We needed a space that fit the trajectory and goals of our company.

The spacious, 14,995 square-foot warehouse-turned-office building has an open floor plan with plenty of collaboration space, cozy private offices, a full kitchen, a conference room, a call center, a warehouse, and even a ping pong table, and a swing. This fun, open space reflects the company’s attitude, optimism, and growth for the future much better than our previous location.

Communication and efficiency is critical to our productivity, and this new building will only boost those qualities exponentially. Whether it’s the open ceilings or wide open spaces, our employees feel like there is room to breathe, move around, and grow. Collective morale has gone up tenfold, and that is sure to reflect in our work.

We couldn’t be more excited to continue our journey in a beautiful new space. Here’s to 2023 and more success!

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