Natural Expressions Shingles

Thanks to Atlas Roofing, The Third Estimate’s siding options are even more on trend and can give your home its own unique personal style.

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What’s so great about the new Natural Expressions Shingles??

  • There are 5 New Designer Colors Inspired by Nature (Coastal Granite, Copper Canyon, Majestic Shake, Morning Harvest, Summer Storm)
  • Earthy tones because they’re colorful, easy on the eyes, and effortlessly in style
  • These shingles include ALL the benefits and features of the Pinnacle Pristine line
  • Scott Guard Protector; Prevents streaks and stains from appearing on the roof because of how the copper granules are distributed on each shingle
  • Scott Guard Protector from 3M offers a limited lifetime warranty against black streaks & stains
  • All Pinnacle Pristine colors have two sealant lines on top of the shingles and a pattern that allows it to have MAXIMUM initial seal and MAXIMUM long-term seal
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Give The Third Estimate a call today! We would be more than pleased to schedule you a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION estimate to come out to show you the new Natural Expressions siding colors within the Pinnacle Pristine Line of Products! (330) 922-3200 or (216) 937-2030