A Candid Interview with our Claims Director, Dominique D.

Dominique answers a few questions about the process of filing an insurance claim for our customers for a new roof or siding.

the third estimate director dominique

Q: How do you help customers at The Third Estimate?

A: “I walk our customers through the intimidating process of homeowners insurance claims. When storm damage is discovered on a home, that realization is scary enough, let alone having to go through filing a homeowners insurance claim on your own. We want to be sure that the process is as seamless as possible for our customers. That’s why we work with the insurance company on their behalf to get their home back to normal.”

Q: What advice do you have for new homeowners?

A: “When purchasing your homeowner’s insurance, be sure to read the entire policy! We often run into customers with blocks in their policies that prevent complete replacements to their home.”

Q: What was your starting role at The Third Estimate & how did you become the Claims Director?

A: “It’s kind of a funny story. At the time I was painting and flipping houses for a few months before a scheduling position opened up here at The Third Estimate. Our CEO, Tara, asked me to come in for an interview for the job. I was immediately offered the position, and I accepted without hesitation. In the first two years, I became very interested in the growing number of insurance customers. The Insurance Claims customer’s needs began to grow rapidly, so I saw this as an opportunity for the insurance claims to be its own department. It would be separated from our retail sales and be an independent department to help serve our customers even better than before. I scheduled a meeting with the owner’s Steve and Tara Colopy to explain my thoughts about developing an insurance claims department and they loved the idea! Not long after our meeting, I moved offices and developed an entirely new department. Soon after, Josh A. came on board the department with me and we have been building the department ever since. It’s helped our customers tremendously.”

Q: How does Josh help our customers here in Northeast Ohio?

A: “Josh is an absolute guru with all of the insurance knowledge he has. From policies to city building codes, he knows the ins and outs that most homeowners do not. With this field and insurance constantly changing, he ensures homeowners with his skills and knowledge that he will work every path for approval and helps the business run more smoothly.”

Q: What part of your role here at The Third Estimate is the most rewarding or the best?

A: “Working a claim for months and finally being able to call a customer with a full approval from their insurance company. Most cases are in fact like this and the satisfaction that it provides, never waivers. Hearing a relieved and excited customer after having to deal with any type of storm damage, truly makes my job worth it!”

Q: What is the average timeline of an insurance job?

A: “The time averages from 30 to 90 days. Insurance companies are tough eggs to crack sometimes. Therefore, we stress for a homeowner to use our skills to help back them up! Furthermore, it is stressful working a claim and who better to do that then a skilled team who does it everyday with success! Our customers live a little less stress free while we fight for them and their home.”

Q: When should a homeowner file a claim?

A: “Honestly, if your roof or siding is over 18 years old, you should have an inspection after any high winds or a bad storm. It is hard sometimes for a homeowner to spot the damage, and much of it cannot be seen from the ground. Our inspections are completely free, and our estimators are not high-pressure sales reps. If your home has damage, we will proceed with the claim. If not, that’s ok too and we thank you for having us out to your home to look it over for you! We strive in customer service and building relationships with customers (and potential) for years to come, even if the need isn’t immediate, we’re here for you when it is!”